Purple Lights UK

Largely organised by individuals affected by the disease, the act of lighting up a focal point in a village, town or city symbolises for many a way to remember loved ones who have sadly died of the disease, as well as celebrate the lives of those that have survived. Get your landmark to light up on Thursday 17th November!

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If you're struggling to think what to write, then use our handy template that you can send to your local landmark!

purple lights

7.3% of people with pancreatic cancer will survive beyond 5 years in the UK. During November, for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, and particularly on World Pancreatic Cancer Day (Thursday 17th November) landmarks around the UK light up purple to spotlight a disease that deserves more recognition. 

This is an activity supported by the following UK based charities:



Visit the Purple Lights UK website to find out how to light up landmarks purple for pancreatic cancer, how to promote your light up and look at the interactive map to see which landmarks are already lighting up this year.

Purple lights

You can see photos of the previous light-ups by clicking here. Click here to get a letter template you can use to send to your local landmark.