Hold an awareness stand

Raising awareness is key to early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. A great way to help us raise awareness is to set up an awareness stand and distribute our information.

How to hold and awareness stand

At your GP surgery or Pharmacy

Visit your local GP surgery or pharmacy to find out if they’d allow you to set up a stand with information. If you would like to raise awareness with healthcare professionals please e-mail healthinfo@panact.org.

In your community

Set up a stand in your local supermarket, community centre or place of work.  It’s a good idea to make your stand look attractive so people want to visit! We have merchandise you can sell and extra materials to make your stand look attractive, you could also bake some purple cupcakes!

We can give advice, tips and materials to make your stand really stand out! For more information please contact Izzy at  fundraising@panact.org. 

Zoe tells us how she holds her awareness stand

Community Volunteer for North Lincolnshire Zoe Hall and Andrew Markham set up regular awareness stalls at the local farmers market in Brigg to spread the word about pancreatic cancer and its symptoms. Zoe tells us how she goes about setting up a stall:

Organising it is really simple, we get in touch with the council who operate the market and are assigned a stall we are lucky that they don’t charge us for this (these are pre erected at this market by the council, but otherwise you need a sturdy table).

We also apply for a collectors license again from the council which allows us to collect on the street away from the stall and speak to local pubs to get permission to go in. If its a long day try to arrange it in shifts and be prepared to talk to people.

Its a good idea for raising awareness as its direct to a large cross section of the public, make the stall stand out using balloons, flags signs etc (we have some posters etc stuck to boards), wristbands, stickers and ribbons go well. And have a stack of materials that people can take we have had people asking for materials that they can display at work.