Corporate partner: Cool Pyjamas

Pancreatic Cancer Action are pleased to be partnering with Cool Pyjamas UK as part of our PJs for PanCan campaign! Thank you to Cool Pyjamas for donating 10% of their proceeds throughout April!

Cool Pyjamas UK designs and manufactures 100% Cotton pyjamas with contemporary and modern designs. We combine super-soft fabric with timeless artwork designed by a local artist to create a range of pyjamas that you certainly won’t find anywhere else. We also have matching designs for the adults and kids when the family are all at home together.

Whether you’re working from home, having a lazy day in front of the TV, or just unwinding after a long day, our PJ’s will be right there with you, and stay comfortable all day long. Not only that, but we choose cotton because of its durability as we want you to wear our designs for years to come.

Unlike other companies, we produce everything in the UK. Everything from the materials, to the artwork we use, are sourced from UK suppliers, before it is all brought together in our factory in Portsmouth.