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Give It Up for PanCan

Every January we ask our supporters to give up something they love for 31 days to help us raise vital funds and awareness of pancreatic cancer. 

Here are our top tips for taking part:

  • Decide on what you’re giving up – Are you stuck for ideas on how to take part? Or unsure of how to keep yourself motivated throughout the whole of January? Don’t panic, we’ve come up with some suggestions here.  
  • Take on a new challenge – Giving up something can be tough, so we’ve focused this year’s campaign around giving something up and taking on something new. Click here for some inspiration.  
  • Set yourself a target – The average donation to a fundraising page is £44. By setting yourself a target, people are much more likely to donate. It also gives you a target to work towards and helps you keep on track with your whole month of detoxing.  
  • Decide how you’re going to raise funds – Are you going to ask people to sponsor you during your month of giving something up or are you going to save money you usually spend and then donate that?  
  • Apply for match funding – If you’re fundraising, have you considered applying for match funding? Match funding involves a funder agreeing to match whatever funds you raise. This could be your employer so it’s worth checking if they offer a match funding schemeKnowing that you’re being match funded could also increase your chances of people donating to you!

Thank you for supporting PCA, we are not currently taking submissions for this campaign, please check back shortly.