Give It Up for PanCan

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March 2024

Can you go 31 days without something you love this March? Be it chocolate, alcohol, fizzy drinks, buying new clothes or social media, for example - the challenge is on for you to say YES to raising funds and awareness and NO to something you love. For 31 days, can you live differently and #GiveItUpForPanCan?

What can I give up?  

Suggested ideas on things to Give It Up for PanCan this March. 

We have had supporters give up chocolate, fizzy drinks and even Jamie Dornan movies in the past – so get creative!

  • Fizzy drinks – drink healthy alternatives 
  • Takeaways – experiment with quick, easy, and healthy alternatives.
  • Dairy – eat plant-based alternatives 
  • Video games – start playing board games 
  • Snacking between meals – have a drink instead. Usually thirsty rather than hunger 
  • Staying up late – create yourself a bedtime routine
  • Procrastinating – write a task list  
  • Complaining – look at the positives instead of focusing on the negatives 
  • Chocolate, sweets and cake – eat fruit, nuts or other healthy alternatives 
  • Alcohol – drink non-alcoholic drinks  
  • Social media – Use the extra time to do something else instead 
  • Swearing – Improve your vocabulary by learning equivalent but less offensive words 
  • Meat – Learn to cook vegetarian or vegan meals 
  • TV & Netflix – read books/listen to audiobooks

Where your money goes 

Thanks to your generous donations and fundraising, Pancreatic Cancer Action has achieved so much already.

Our work wouldn’t happen without the money you fundraise and donate. Every pound helps us make a big difference to people with pancreatic cancer and enables us to support their families and loved ones. 

Find out what your generous donations and fundraising goes towards; 

  • We have disseminated 3984 health information booklets in 2023 alone, free of charge to patients, healthcare professionals, carers and family members who need them. 
  • We have reached over 5,000 people through awareness activities in Scotland. 
  • 7,000 GPs in the UK have completed our e-learning, and we know from their first-hand experience that this has made a real difference in saving lives. 

Here are some ways your donations and fundraising could help our work in the future; 

  • £500 – Could get our accredited patient information into hospitals and cancer centres.  
  • £20 – Could ensure a local GP or Pharmacist gets expert information on detecting pancreatic cancer.  
  • £10 – Could deliver patients and families specialist information and support.