Keeping it safe and legal

We want your event to be a success and run smoothly, so have put together some points to consider when organising your event.

Its is always best to check with your local council when setting up an event to make sure you have everything covered 🙂

Risk Assessments

Its important to consider any potential risks surrounding your event. Depending on your event you may need to have first aid cover available.

Some useful information on organising your own event can be found at the Institute of Fundraising. You can download a safety-policy-risk-assessment-template


If you hold a small raffle on the day of your activity you do not need a licence, so long as all ticket sales and the draw itself take place during the main event. It is okay if your event lasts more than one day. Tickets must all be sold for the same price with no discounts applied. for the latest information about how to run a raffle check the Gambling Commission and the Institute of Fundraising.

Public entertainment and alcohol licence

If your event involves the sale of alcohol and/or live or recorded music, dancing, showing of a film or performance of a play, an indoor sporting event (including a boxing or wrestling match), or any entertainment of a similar nature, you may need a licence. Speak with your local authority, the police and other relevant parties as necessary. If you are holding an event in a public place you must get permission from the landowner.

Food hygiene

Ensure you follow food hygiene procedures and rules whether the food is for sale or not. To find out more about how to prepare, store and sell food please take a look at the Foods Standards Agency website.


It is illegal to carry out house-to-house or public street collections without a licence. You must contact your local authority to obtain a licence. Some can take up to 6 weeks to receive so we suggest you prepare well in advance.


We can receive your final donation in a vartiety of ways. You can either write us a cheque for the total make out to Pancreatic Cancer Action; pay the funds directly into the Pancreatic Cancer Action Account or put the funds through our website and the donate button. Contact for bank details.

Gift Aid

This is really important when collecting donations. 25p extra from every £1 can be claimed by Pancreatic Cancer Action. To find our more about collecting Gift Aid please visit our Gift Aid Section.