Ideas for holding a virtual fundraising event

Stuck for ideas on what to do for a virtual fundraising event? We've got a few suggestions for you.

We’ve put some ideas together to get you thinking about what you can do for your virtual fundraising event.

What could I do for my virtual fundraising event?

Coffee morning
Hold a coffee morning by Twitter Chat or a live stream. Set up a fundraising page and ask people to donate as if they were attending an actual coffee morning. This is a great way to connect with friends and family!

Movie night
With sites like Netflix Party, you can set up your own virtual movie nights which is a great way to keep in contact with friends and family.

If you enjoy gaming, why not set up your own gameathon live stream and ask people to donate.

If you love working out and getting moving, all you need is a live stream where everyone can join in together.

Virtual/live quiz
Enjoy pub quizzes? Why not join our Virtual Quiz? They take place every Friday afternoon and evening!

Makeshift fancy dress
Get inventive and see what you can find in your house. Take photos or live-stream your costumes so everyone can see!

Virtual bake-off
Hold your very own virtual bake-off with family and friends and see who can make the best cake. Don’t forget to live stream or share photos so everyone taking part gets to see!

You can sign up and download everything you need here.

Pyjama party
Sign up to take part in Pyjamas for PanCan and hold your very own virtual pyjama party!

Get creative and make your own
Or you could get inventive and create your own virtual event! The possibilities are endless!

Get in touch

If you’d like to discuss any of your own ideas or have any questions, please get in touch with the fundraising team as we would be delighted to help in any way that we can!