Virtual fundraising

By going virtual, Team PCA supporters and fundraisers are able to raise vital and much-needed funds for PCA however, wherever and whenever they like!

How can I fundraise virtually?

All you need to do to organise your very own virtual fundraising event is access to the internet and communications between people who you’d like to invite.

You can organise a virtual event on social media channels, Just Giving pages and video conferencing software. Virtual events can also be held as a Twitter chat or as a video call so you can still see and talk to each other like you would normally.

You can be as creative or inventive as you like with it and make it, so it suits you and your attendees!

Get in touch

If you’ve got any questions or ideas, you’d like to discuss then please do get in touch with the fundraising team. We love hearing your ideas and are on hand to give you all the guidance you need! Email