Charity fundraising on the move

Raise 5p for every mile you walk, run, cycle, row or skip!

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Whether you're a marathon-runner, a keen cyclist or you swim like a fish, we have a challenge for you!
Choose your suitable challenge, sign-up and put the FUN back in fundraising!

With the Fit4Change App, you can track your mileage and raise vital funds for PCA all at the same time!

For every mile you walk, run or cycle, you will raise 5p to go towards PCA. This can also be done with indoor exercise such as skipping or the rowing machine!

There’s a great opportunity to add a competitive edge, by posting your results to Facebook and Twitter when you are logged into the app and see who in your network is fundraising the most by moving!

Another perfect chance to use the app and raise funds is if you are taking part in a Challenge Event for PCA! The app can be used on all your training sessions AND on race day – it’s a no brainer.

How to use!

  1. Simply download the Fit 4 Change app from your Apple or Google Play store
  2. Enter your e-mail to activate your account
  3. Search for “Pancreatic Cancer Action” when you are choosing your charity
  4. Select an activity: Walk, Run, Cycle, Indoor (such as rowing machine or indoor exercise)
  5. Start fundraising!

It really is that easy!

Please check your phone settings before you use the App to make sure your activities are recorded correctly, they should be (some of these may not apply to your phone)

  • Mobile Data – on
  • Location Settings – always
  • Background App Refresh – on
  • Notifications – on
  • Location Mode – High Accuracy (not Battery Saving or Device only)