About Fight on for Annie

Fight on for Annie was set up in memory of Anne O’Neill who lost her battle to pancreatic cancer on the 30th January 2014, aged 54. Annee was the beloved wife of Tom and mum of three children, Sinéad, Fergal and Gráinne, who tells her mum's story below.

“Mummy was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer in June 2013 and was given between 4 and 6 months to live. Mummy fought the disease for seven months, she was determined to beat pancreatic cancer and reminded positive throughout her battle. Unfortunately the cancer was too aggressive as it was stage IV which meant that it had spread from her pancreas to her liver, lungs and back.

I have set up this fund to honour and commemorate my mummy’s life, she was not only a mum but my best friend.

My mummy was such a caring and giving person, always putting her children and others’ needs in front of her own. I am forever thankful and blessed to call her my mummy, she is and always will be my inspiration and I want to continue to raise money and campaign in her memory.

We have hosted numerous fundraising and campaigning events since October 2013 during which we have accomplished great things. In April 2014 I helped campaign to get 100,000 signatures on a UK Government Petition campaigning for more funding and awareness for pancreatic cancer. I appeared on a local news station and participated inseveral radio interviews across NI to highlight the petition and raise the profile of the disease. We were overwhelmed by the response and reached our required signatures to get our debate which was held in the House of Commons.

October 2014 was a busy month as I trekked the Great Wall of China for five days to fundraise for pancreatic cancer and the Fight on for Annie Fund was also officially launched. I am so overwhelmed of how the support and interest has grown over the year!

One of the main aims of the charity fund is to get people to associate the colour purple with pancreatic cancer. That is why we have created our own purple wristbands with the Fund Logo to help raise awareness and to get people to share photos of them wearing the wristband, so that we continue to increase awareness worldwide!

Fight on for Annie is our way of turning our heartache of losing our precious mummy into a positive driving force that will see a change for pancreatic cancer patients in the future. Please help us keep our mummy’s memory alive and support us today.

I want to help prevent other families from having to experience this horrible disease and heartbreaking statistics. I want the survival rates to give people hope, not to fill them with fear and remove all hope for their loved ones who have pancreatic cancer. This is why I have founded ‘Fight on for Annie’.

To make a donation to the Fight on For Annie Fund please visit – Virgin Money Giving Fight on For Annie