Donate foreign currency

A picture of foriegn currency

Have you just returned from a holiday abroad or do you have a drawer full of foreign currency from previous trips that are sitting there doing nothing?

You can donate your foreign currency to Pancreatic Cancer Action!

You can donate any banknotes or coins. Send in the coins or notes you want exchanged to and they will donate the combined exchange value plus an additional 5% to Pancreatic Cancer Action.

How does it work?

1. Download and fill out the following form: exchange-form-charity-pancreatic-cancer-action

2. Send the form with your notes and coins to:

L.O.C. 3rd Floor,
207 Regent Street,
W1B 3HH,
United Kingdom

3. will send you a confirmation email confirming the amount of the donation

4. will then pay the donation directly to Pancreatic Cancer Action.

Please do not send your foreign notes & coins directly to Pancreatic Cancer Action 🙂