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Pancreatic Cancer Action is the only UK-based charity that focuses on the early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

We work up and down the UK to raise awareness of the symptoms of pancreatic cancer and also use our funds to train medical professionals, especially GPs, educate the public, run advertising campaigns, and fund research specifically into the early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Click on the link to find out more about what we do.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the companies who have previously chosen us as their charity of the year – it means so much!

We will support you all the way!

We will work with you to help develop a charity of the year partnership programme that meets your companies objectives whilst making a real difference into improving early diagnosis.

Our creative and passionate fundraising team will support you every step of the way by providing:

  • The ideal project to fundraise for that meets your company’s objectives
  • Places in challenge events. We can purchase specific events or offer you places we already have
  • Ongoing support and ideas for fundraising to engage your customers and colleagues
  • Regular project progress reports so you can see the full impact of your company’s support and fundraising
  • A communication and PR plan to promote what you are doing
  • A motivational talk from one of our patrons to all your staff
  • Acknowledgement in our published material, our website and on our social media.

Please consider Pancreatic Cancer Action to be your next charity of the year.

To talk to one of us about this, please call 0303 040 1770 or contact for more information. 

Please click here to find out about some of our current corporate partners