TeamPCA Marathon Runners: 2020!

It takes dedication and strength to run a marathon as our amazing supporters know! Find out below why they are running to make the 2020’s a decade of change for pancreatic cancer.

Join TeamPCA at Brighton Marathon 2020!

The Brighton Marathon is one of the UK’s favourite 26.2-milers. It has a stunning backdrop of the sea in one of the countries most vibrant city’s. This race gets bigger and bigger each year, so don’t miss out! It's not too late!

Name – Gavin Oattes  

Event – London Marathon 2020 

Story – I lost my dad to this terrible disease in 2012. Prior to this I knew nothing about Pancreatic Cancer, couldn’t even tell you the symptoms. My dads fight was inspiring and spurred me on to learn as much about PC as I could. I found the stats around it to be quite shocking. We need to make more noise, shout louder, be braver and raise as much awareness as we can. I am running for dad and hopefully I can make a difference for others in the future.

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Name – Matt Dalton 

Event – London Marathon 2020 

Story – I lost my mother to this horrible cancer in September 2016. My mum got diagnosed in the August, in those 37 days my mums fight with this cancer was devastating to all my family as she was our rock but whilst she was struggling with this cancer she still wanted to make sure everyone else was ok. Mums fight is what inspired me to do something to raise awareness of this horrible disease. I had never ran any distance before but I signed up for a half marathon, since the 1st half I’ve ran a further 40 half marathons and 20 marathons plus two ultras. I ran London last year for Pancreatic Cancer Action running a sub 3 hour time so I’ve got a good for age place this year, and I’m taking on my biggest challenge, running the South West Coast to Coast Challenge which is 102km long, for both these events I will be running for PCA.

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Name – Peter Morris 

Event – Brighton Marathon 2020 

Story – My much-loved uncle Niall was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer when he was 49. Despite lots of chemotherapy he sadly died earlier this year aged just 50. He was such a big part of my life and I’d like to think he would be really proud of me doing this. Having seen first hand how devastating pancreatic cancer is not just to the patient but to all of their family, I want to raise money for research particularly into early diagnosis to give patients a better chance. Thinking of him will definitely spur me on. 

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Name – Natasha and Frankee

Event – London Marathon 2020 (and 19 others challenges in 2020!)

StoryOn 1st January 2019 Natasha’s mother in law, Jean, was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer (with very few symptoms). The shock of the cancer for her and the family was enough, but then to be told the only treatment available in her case was to prolong her life – was heart breaking. Jean fought this crippling illness with grace but unfortunately her battle ended just over 6 months later on 27th June when she passed away, leaving everyone devastated.

Sadly this is not the only occasion that pancreatic cancer has taken someone close to Natasha, as her amazing Nan also died from this awful disease in 2006. Another amazing family also lost their husband / father / granddad (Keith) and a beautiful client lost her sister – all to pancreatic cancer.

Last year Natasha helped Frankee raise money for a charity that was close to her heart, this year it’s Frankee’s turn to support Natasha.

So, to raise awareness and some much needed funds to fight against this awful cancer we are going to complete 20 (TWENTY!) Challenges in 2020!

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Name – Chris ‘Chips’ Mowbray

Event – London Marathon 2020 

Story – I’m so proud to support Pancreatic Cancer Action at the 2020 London Marathon for one of my Motorcycle Club Members, Andy “Stalker” Allen who sadly passed away from this horrific condition.
Stalker once said to me “Believe and you will achieve” and those words have stuck with myself throughout my training and will do for the rest of my life.
Stalker was always the man who every member of the club talked to. He was a shoulder to cry on and a guy that always had a laugh. He was a father figure to a good few of my members and most certainly a gentleman that I was proud to call a Brother of the road, a guy who we all miss with every passing day.
I wish to honour his memory and all who who have gone through this condition and their families by supporting Pancreatic Cancer Action in this extremely tough event but as stalker Always said “believe and you will achieve”

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Name – John Allen

Event – London Marathon 2020 

Story – In May 2018, I received the devastating news that my mum was terminally ill with Pancreatic Cancer. Sadly, on 26 January 2019, my mum lost her fight. When Mum was diagnosed, we all felt helpless. It’s difficult to put into words how vicious and debilitating this cancer is and nothing could have prepared us for the pain Mum was in throughout her battle, especially during her final weeks. I’m so pleased to be able to support Pancreatic Cancer Action with the London Marathon 2020, where I will be attempting to break the Guinness World Record dressed as a tree, to raise funds and awareness for this cruel illness. For all of mum’s life she helped & cared for people. A nurse for her whole career (from the age of 17), she was selfless & loved caring for others. She is missed so much by her grandkids and all the family and I am determined to take on this challenge in her memory and to do everything I can to fight this cruel disease.

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Name – Fiona Butterfield

Event – Brighton Marathon 2020 

StoryIn March 2018 I lost my wonderful Nana to pancreatic cancer and wanted to do something in her memory,  but I also knew that I’d need to make sure I helped others whilst doing so, therefore Pancreatic Cancer Action seemed the obvious choice in terms of a charity to fundraise for. 

Up until my Nana being diagnosed I had no idea how devastating and quick this cancer can be. In the two years since I lost my nana, a close friend lost his beloved mum and my first teaching mentor lost his long battle, all to pancreatic cancer.

I’m hoping that my small effort in terms of running Brighton marathon in April this year, will go a long way in helping towards research, education and early diagnosis, in the hope that other lives may be saved.

I have never ran anything more than 10k in my life so this is going to be epic!

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