London to Paris Cycle

If you want to cycle from one capital to another then London to Paris is the ride for you! Whether you're a keen cyclist or just looking to push your limits, you've come to the right place. London to Paris is one of the best cycling challenges and experiences the world can offer.

London to paris

Join the fun and ride London to Paris for a truly inspirational experience; you’ll make friends for life, push yourself beyond your limits and most of all make memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime! You could even witness the finale of the world’s GREATEST cycle race: Tour de France.

Here’s how you can get involved:

3rd June 2020 – 7th June 2020 London to Paris Bike Ridebook here!
15th July 2020 – 19th July 2020 London to Paris Bike Ride Tour de France edition book here!
12th August 2020 – 16th August 2020 London to Paris Bike Ridebook here!
9th September 2020 – 13th September 2020 London to Paris Bike Ridebook here!

For further information please e-mail our events coordinator, Annie, or call 0303 040 1770.