Cancer 52

Pancreatic Cancer Action is proud to be a member of Cancer 52, an alliance of around 100 organisations representing rare and less common cancers.

Cancer 52 works to improve outcomes for patients with rare and less common cancers, who currently represent around half of all cancer deaths. The organisations involved work as a group to help shape and examine policies based on how they will affect patients with rare and less common cancers. The group often involves patients, health care professionals and policy makers to create recommendations and hold policy makers to account.

Cancer 52 focus on important issues for patients including greater awareness, earlier diagnosis, better information, more support and more treatment options. Thie group are currently considering ways to evaluate policies such as rapid diagnostic centres and also contributing to the NHS long term plan.

The group together has a large voice and are using it to find specific ways of measuring progress towards the governments 75% early diagnosis target for cancers like pancreatic, that are highly unlikely to meet this target.