Andrew Markham

About meAndrew Markham 2

Im 58 live in Brigg North Lincs and I’ve been married to Jennie for 10 years.

I work for DHL as a warehouseman and have served for 20 years as a councillor on Brigg Town Council and was a school governor for 12 years.

I’ve been involved with raising money for charities for over 40 years both in the UK and on a trip I did round the world in the 1980’s. A few highlights from my fundraising are below.

I have set a record for Hitch Hiking from Lands End to John O Groats. (Guiness Book of Records 1981 p273) and I cycled the length of the A1 in 1998, taken part in 5 marathons (1981-86). Plus numerous other cycle rides, walks and other events!

I have an interest in most sports and play Hockey and referee Football and Australian Rules Football
If you have 5 minutes to spare why not use it to care! 

My motivation to help PCA

Like most people I had hardly heard of Pancreatic Cancer. That was until a friend of mine Howerd Stothard (H) 51 a local postman, footballer, quiz organiser and all round nice bloke was diagnosed in February 2012. He died in August that year. To see Howerd..and his family go through the anguish of this horrendous disease was heart breaking. Not only for me but for his many friends in our small market town.

More recently another friend Linda Lingard 55 was taken just 10 weeks after diagnosis. Her son works in the same place as myself.

Howerd, Linda and I had grown up together.

The more I have researched this nasty disease the more I realise more must be done to raise awareness to get early diagnosis.

Yours Andrew Markham.