Current Volunteers

The Awareness Army

We have an incredible team of volunteers who support us in various ways. This page is where we share just a few of their amazing achievements and any tips and tricks they give to new volunteers.

Our recent volunteer stories:

Community Action Funds

Our Community Action funds have all been created by our valued supporters who have lost loved ones to pancreatic cancer. The Funds are a way for them to bring all their fundraising and awareness activities together in one place and some are restricted to specific areas in the UK.

All our Action Fund owners participate in multitude of activities all with the common goal of raising more awareness and funds in their local area for pancreatic cancer and we are extremely grateful for all they do.

Click here to read all about our current action funds. 

Tips from our Community reps and volunteers:

“When I am setting up an awareness display I always look to make it professional and eye catching, I also tend to stand in front, so people can talk easily if the so wish and I am not making it look like a Market stall.
On talks, I always have a quiz, where the answer(s) are in the talk so they will hopefully listen more intently. I also stand out of the way when using a power point presentation so that is the focal point not me.”– Barry Walton (Community Volunteer since 2016)
“When I do a stand at a fete or show I always do a lucky dip for kids. I get lucky dip toys from Amazon and wrap them in purple tissue paper. I usually have 2 buckets – one for boys – one for girls. I don’t charge a lot for them as the idea isn’t to make a profit on them but to get people to stop by the stall and then you get to chat to the parents/grandparents etc. I also buy from Amazon a tub of lollies – preferably purple ones and that brings the kids to the stall too.”

– Sandra Francis (Community Volunteer since 2013)