Fundraising in memory of Kerry

Before her diagnosis, Kerry was enjoying life like most girls in their early 20s. Adored by her friends and family, in a happy relationship with her boyfriend and looking forward to her future, which like many other young women included dreams of getting married and having children eventually. She was also training to be a paramedic while working as an admin assistant in a hospital.

Sadly her life ended far too early when she died of pancreatic cancer on 22nd February 2014, aged just 24.  In the weeks leading up to her death, her beautiful face was seen in newspapers, magazines and social media across the world.  This was as a result of her participation in our hard-hitting advertising campaign.  She did this to raise awareness and ultimately save lives by encouraging people to go to the doctor if they suspected they had symptoms.

Just ten days before she died, when she was incredibly ill, she even appeared on ITV’s This Morning, see video below.

Please help to take Action 4 Kerry by sharing her story and helping raise awareness like she was so determined to do.

Kerry's wish event

BBQ fun day fundraising

Supermarket fundraising