How to contact your local media


If you are holding an awareness or fundraising event or activity for Pancreatic Cancer Action or want to publicise Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, why not get in touch with the local press to tell them about it? It will help raise awareness of pancreatic cancer and give your sponsorship a boost! Click here for some top tips!

Writing a press release for your local paper or radio station:

A press release is a short account of an event or piece of news that gives the journalist all the key details they need to cover the story. A short concise press release is more likely to be covered by the paper. Aim for approximately 200 words.

It needs to include:

Other things to include:

It is best to e-mail your press release to your local paper and/or radio station. You can usually find a contact on the website but you can also find most local press on

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