Fundraise for early diagnosis research this November

Pancreatic cancer is currently the UK’s fifth biggest cancer killer with one person dying every hour. However, new research shows that by 2026 it will become one of the UK’s top 4 cancer killers and by 2025, deaths from pancreatic cancer are predicted to be 25% higher than breast cancer in the EU. Now, more than ever, we need to join together to take action and do something about these dire statistics.

Why is survival so low?

Survival is low because the majority of patients are diagnosed when their cancer is at a late stage when surgery to remove the tumour is no longer an option – this is why early diagnosis is key.

Pancreatic cancer research has been underfunded for decades and receives less than 3% of cancer research funding. This is why Pancreatic Cancer Action funds projects from outstanding scientists in the UK who test innovative ways of diagnosing pancreatic cancer.

Will you help us fund research into early diagnosis by fundraising this November?

This year’s Turn it Purple is dedicated to fundraising for crucial research into the early diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer, so we need your help!

Our goal is to raise £10,000 this November to continue supporting our researchers in their vital work in fighting back against the disease. There are two ways you can get involved:

To make a one-off donation to early diagnosis research:

To set up your own early diagnosis research fundraising page

Everything you raise will go towards our target! 

For fundraising ideas and fundraising challenges, click here.