People Of PanCan

What is People Of PanCan?

People of PanCan was introduced as our new story sharing initiative during Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, 2018 and aims to raise the profile of pancreatic cancer by sharing the true stories of people affected by the disease on social media.

The campaign gives a voice to anyone affected by the disease including patients, their families, their friends, their neighbours.

Why People Of PanCan?

There is a common misconception that pancreatic cancer only affects older men and that no one survives.

However, we know that the disease affects men and women equally, 37% of all pancreatic cancer cases are under the age of 69 and, although the survival rate is extremely low, with early diagnosis survival is possible.

We want to show the world that pancreatic cancer affects a variety of different people in lots of different ways and that pancreatic cancer does not discriminate. This is why raising awareness of the disease is vital.

We often hear that people have never heard of pancreatic cancer before their own diagnosis, or diagnosis of a family member. By showing the real people behind the disease, we can help to raise awareness within the wider community and give people who do not have a relation to pancreatic cancer, an idea of just how serious it is.

Who can get involved?

Anybody and everybody! We are encouraging people to take part from all walks of life. Whether you’ve been diagnosed, are a survivor, are a family member, friend, carer, supporter, nurse, doctor, neighbour… Everybody is welcome to take part and talk about how the disease has affected them.

How to take part… 

Our campaign asks people to upload and share a portrait photo of themselves on social media with a short explanation of why they are a Person of PanCan.

Your photo and story will appear in our PCA Facebook photo album as well as our gallery on our website (see above). During the month of November we will also be uploading each photo to our PCA Facebook and Twitter cover photos to show that, together, we are People Of PanCan.

To take part in the #PeopleofPanCan campaign click here or download our PDF.