Light it Purple – Purple Lights UK

Lighting up iconic landmarks, communities and homes across the UK purple in honour of the thousands of individuals and families affected by pancreatic cancer is a beautiful way to raise awareness this November.

For the last few years, landmarks such as the Blackpool Tower and Edinburgh Castle have been lit up purple to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer. Last year we teamed up with Pancreatic Cancer UKCore, and Pancreatic Cancer Scotland  in a new campaign ‘Purple Lights UK’ to make an even bigger impact and to raise as much awareness as possible. This year charity PLANETS is also joining in with the campaign!

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Light it Up like Lorna

Every year Lorna Taylor from Scotland helps to get more and more buildings light up purple for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.

Lolorna taylorrna tells us in her own words why she gets involved and how she encourages local landmarks to take part:
I lost my much loved sister Liz to pancreatic cancer 4 years ago. It totally devastated myself and our family that someone so well and fit could be taken so cruelly by this devastating cancer. Liz was diagnosed November 2012  and we lost her in March 2013. She was only 52. She was told at the beginning it was terminal so we knew then that nothing could be done for her. We felt this was so cruel and unfair as she didn’t  have any hope from the beginning as it was diagnosed too late for surgery.
I have got involved with turning buildings purple as I am passionate about getting awareness out there for pancreatic cancer. To get buildings  turn purple I contact the venue that I would like to turn purple, and then explain what I am after and could they please give me the email address who would deal with this request. I have found if you just send to their enquiries email more often it is not for the correct person so better to check who would actually deal with lighting requests first. I then email them and follow it up in few days later asking if they received the email. They would normally tell me then if they can light up or not.
This year is especially significant for me to get buildings to turn purple as world pancreatic cancer awareness day on the 17th November lands on what would have been my sister Liz’s birthday. I am determined to get as many buildings to light up in memory of Liz  and all the others who have lost their lives to pancreatic cancer.
So far I have 3 new ones from 3 previous years, the magnificent Kelpies, Falkirk wheel and also the Borders   Tweed Bridge.Think all 3 will look amazing!”