DryJan 4 PanCan!

Can you go 31 days without alcohol!?

The challenge is on for you to say yes to raising funds and no to alcohol!

Why not start the New Year off with a month of not drinking alcohol to raise funds for pancreatic cancer? It is a great way to detox after all the Christmas treats and will not only improve your health but also improve your bank balance!

Start you DryJan 4 PanCan in four simple steps –
  1. Create a bespoke dry January fundraising page – JustGiving DryJan4PanCan
  2. On the 1st of January 2017 no more alcohol shall pass your lips! 
  3. Rally support from your friends and family
  4. Drink water and soft drinks only until 1st February 2018! You can purchase your PCA water bottle from our online shop – PCA water bottle

Download all our materials to help your fundraising!

Why take part in DryJan?!

DryJan Tracker – to keep you on target!

Facebook Cover Photo –  Tell your friends about what you are doing! 

Event Poster – put up in work to gather support from your colleagues! 

Email Signature – spread the word far and wide!

Purple Ticket – Have an important date in January that you do not want to miss? Download our Purple Pass and donate £10 to you page for a night off!

Add your DryJan 4 PanCan Facebook frame!

Either follow this link here and share with your friends or…

  1. Log into your Facebook account and click ‘Update profile picture’ on your page.
  2. Click on ‘add frame’ at the top left of the pop out box.
  3. Search for DryJan 4 PanCan in the search bar and click on the frame
  4. Select ‘custom’ to ensure your frame will be on your profile the whole of January

Register to take part!


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