Great North Run 2019

Photo of the Great North Run

Date: Sunday 8th September 2019

Location: Newcastle Up-Tyne

Registration Fee: £30

Fundraising Target: £350

Event information: Join the worlds most famous Half Marathon! 
The Great North Run, has over 56,000 runners! Take part in the world’s biggest and most iconic half marathon in 2019!

Join them all for another great year!

Your Great North Run entry includes:
From Pancreatic Cancer Action –

Got a Ballot Place?  If you are successful in obtaining a place in the ballot we’d love you to run for us. There is no minimum sponsorship so please email [email protected] or let us know by filling out our form here.

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Equipment and what to wear:
To start your training, basic shorts and a t-shirt and/or sweatshirt is pretty much all you need. There is an excellent range of running-specific kit available that will keep you dry, will help you to avoid any chafing problems and will be light and comfortable to wear – but to begin with you’ll probably find that you already own enough gear to get you started. However, one area of kit where you shouldn’t compromise is on training shoes – and it is certainly worth investing in a proper pair of running-specific trainers. Seek out a specialist retailer who can give you advice and, if necessary, assess your gait, so that you can find the most suitable shoe for your running style. Remember that a good pair of running shoes is an investment in comfort and injury prevention, and will repay you again and again long after your initial outlay.

We do recommend training for this event. Try walking or running this distance prior to the day of the event. This will give you an idea of what to expect.