Other overseas Challenges

Overseas challenge

Brazilian Trek and Kayak Challenge

Venture beyond Brazil’s famous beaches and into tropical forest and the Serra da Bocaina National Park. Once the trekking part of the challenge is complete, it’s all aboard sea kayaks for a paddle out to Bay of Paraty and Saco do Mamangua. Then where better to celebrate than in Rio?

Dog Sledding Challenge

A team of loyal huskies leads the way through the snow-covered forests and mountains of Swedish Lapland, across 200kms of beautiful, frozen landscape. Experience the silence of nature while gliding through this winter wonderland, taking the opportunity to spot elk and reindeer and even see the spectacular Northern Lights.

Zambezi River Challenge

Expect a rough ride, with sweltering heat, humidity, blistered hands and harsh conditions – not to mention the crocs and hippos! Paddle your way along the border with Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, steadily heading for Victoria Falls where we raft the most tempestuous rapids in the world.