Can you go 31 days without alcohol or a not so secret indulgence!?

DryJan4PanCan logo with Pancreatic Cancer Action

The challenge is on for you to say “yes” to raising funds and “no” to something you love!

Why not start the New Year off with a month of not drinking alcohol to raise funds for pancreatic cancer? DryJan4PanCan is our annual fundraising challenge – 31 days alcohol-free!

Not only will your body reap plenty of health benefits, but the money you raise will also go towards driving early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. It is a great way to detox after all the Christmas treats and might even save you some pennies.

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DryJan4PanCan with Pancreatic Cancer Action

Don’t forget that you can still take part by substituting something else you have a soft spot for.

This could be giving up chocolate, sweets, crisps, coffee or even playing the PlayStation – it’s entirely up to you!

Ready to take on the challenge?

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