Lynsey Whitcombe-Jones

LWCheeseLynsey Whitcombe is undertaking an epic challenge this year. She has just turned 39 years old and has set herself the task of completing 40 different challenges before she turns 40 next year. She says –

“This challenge wasn’t originally a challenge. It was supposed to be a list of fun things that I had always wanted to do, and thought that approaching 40 it was as good a time as any to tick some things off my bucket list. In addition to this, I have not really made much progress with my anxiety or panic attacks in 18 months and there is no support available for me due to criteria and funding. I do not want to spend large chunks of my future unable to leave the house, it really isnt much fun and life is supposed to be for living, so I’m hoping that these challenges will force me to face my difficulties head on. In under a week of the 40 challenges idea being suggested it sort of spiralled to become a fundraiser and with things on the list that to be frank scare me witless or are a real challenge for someone who thinks exercise is a swear word, let alone taking into account my anxiety and depression.

I’m petrified  of heights and snakes, but these have somehow snuck their way onto the list along with a half marathon, a 100mph 1000ft long 500ft high zip wire,  a 45 mile cycle challenge, learning to trapeze, abseiling Pembroke castle and walking the 186 miles of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. There are still some things on the list that are just for pure fun though. If anyone wants to join me on any of the ‘challenges’ just let me know, the more the merrier and the support will be welcome, plus it will help if I have people to share petrol costs etc. as I am funding the challenges myself. I am unable to list all the challenges due to space. The challenges will all be completed between 23rd April 2014 and 2015.”

Lynseys Fundraising Page –

List of challenges – 

1. Message on a balloon 23/04/14


2. Annual cheese rolling Gloucester 26/05/14


3. Brighton naked bike ride 08/06/14

Lynsey bike ride

4. Abseil down Pembroke castle 29/06/14

5. The Big Cotswold swim 05/07/14

6. Archaeological dig 28 – 30/07/14

7. Welsh Raider sportive {45 mile cycle challenge through Shropshire Hills}10/08/14

8.Attend Gay Pride Cardiff 16/08/14

9.Enter world bog snorkelling championships 24/08/14

10. Cardiff half marathon 05/10/14

11. Be a public speaker on world mental health day 10/10/14

12. Work in a soup kitchen 25/12/14

13. Walrus dip {swim in the sea} 26/12/14

14. Penrhyn quarry zip wire

15. Climb Snowdon

16. Walk the 186 miles of the Pembrokeshire Coastal path

17. Learn to trapeze

18. Fire walking

19. Hold a snake

20. Ride the Big one in Blackpool

21. Jump off a 10m diving board

22. Train and volunteer for Cruse

23. Shower in a waterfall in cold weather

24. Smash a car up with a hammer

25. Go to a fetish club dressed up

26. Punt on the river Cam

27. Visit the Eden Project

28. Join in a flashmob

29. Break a Guinness world record

30. Record a CD

31. Go to a drive in movie

32. Go on a blind date

33. Watch a sunset at Rhossili Bay and have a bbq

34. Go to a rave/foam party

35. Drive a convertible on a sunny day

36. Magical Mystery Tour Liverpool

37. Throw a dart in a map and travel there

38. Learn to skateboard

39. Ghost hunt at Kidwelly castle

40. Bury a time capsule with pictures from challenges what it was for and how much raised.