Kirsty Brook’s Charity Walk In Aid Of Pancreatic Cancer Action

Kirstys Charity WalkAfter becoming attached to Hayley Cropper from Coronation Street and seeing her sadly pass away from pancreatic cancer, Kirsty Brooks was moved and inspired to help people with pancreatic cancer.

She decided to set up a walk to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer Action. She recently completed her walk and has managed to raise an amazing £804. Kirsty completed the walk alongside her mum Lisa, and friends Alex, Sarah, Hollie, Hannah and Abbey.

They set off on their walk around 1:30pm, Alex brought a big bag of sweets and cookies along to keep everyone motivated. After just 10mins of walking, they had someone put £20 into the bucket, even more motivation than the sweets. They carried on and it wasn’t long until they were given another £10 from a friends daughter. The friend had already donated £100 due to sadly loosing his wife to pancreatic cancer.

As the walk went on they met other people along the way, stopped off in some pubs and managed to get many more donations. Kirsty said “When we got home we were stunned to find out how much more we had raised and how well it had gone! It was one hell of a day, and one that will always stay clear in my mind! I have spoken to my friends and we all agree that it will most likely be done again same time next year! I also want to say a huge thank you to anybody who has donated because I know that most of the donations where from Twitter, I have met a bunch of new amazing friends and got a wonderful day out of it to, knowing that I have at least helped someone!”

Here is a link to Kirsty’s fundraising page: