Joshua Panton Takes On The Wall


Joshua Panton has set out to complete 4 running challenges this year in memory of his mum.

So far he has completed The Virgin London Marathon, The Rat Race Dirty Weekend and most recently The Wall. His last event is in September which is Man v Mountain.

We want to give Joshua an enormous cheer for completing all of these tough events so far and for raising so much money for the charity.
10419395_901768296506439_2664676773801223470_nHis most recent run, The Wall, was a 69 mile ultra marathon, which followed Hadrian’s Wall.

Joshua said: “It was pretty hellish and was about 21 hours of hard slog all in. Wanted to quit a few times & was pretty emotional but finished in style with a sprint finish. Legs are in tatters, but in

perspective it doesn’t even touch the spectrum of what PC does, and at times I felt ashamed to feel sorry for myself knowing what mum and others had to go through. Just dug deep & kept moving.”
An amazing achievement! Thank you and well done Josh from all of us at PCA!