Challenge Updates 9 & 10

Swim for Survival Session 9

27th November

“Well, it’s Friday and the end of a very, very, very long week. The day didn’t start well when I realised that today wasn’t pay day and I’ve got the weekend to get through yet, a weekend which includes my birthday.

Plans may now have to change somewhat! It was another busy one at work with a trip to Creepy Crawlies with my little man Sam to look forward to afterwards. A catch up with the lovely Helen, cuddles with the gorgeous Raffie and a scrummy 12″ hot and spicy pepperoni pizza helped lift my spirits.

Then the guilt set in, I’d only fitted in one swim so far this week and my intention was to reach the half marathon mark before Sunday. So, at 8.10pm I found myself in the pool again at Selby Leisure Centre. With only 1 hour 20 mins of swim time I needed to get my skates on. The pool was fairly quiet to start with but then those dedicated fitness fanatics made an appearance.

They actually did me a favour, as they spurred me on to push myself that little bit further and that little bit faster. God knows how when I’d pigged out on that massive pizza a couple of hours earlier, I’m surprised I didn’t sink! But, I think I can feel a sense of achievement after completing 121 lengths, taking me to 891 in total, which means there are only 797 lengths to go.

Major celebration time me thinks. In less than a month I have succeeded in getting through more than half of my marathon Swim for Survival for Pancreatic Cancer Action. Cheers everybody and happy Friday.”


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Swim for Survival Session 10

1st December

“With Christmas fast approaching this was my final swim before the madness of the festive season. I just had too much to do and didn’t get a spare minute to get to the pool frown emoticon I only had an hour on this particular night but was really pleased with my result. 79 lengths in just under an hour, taking me to a total of 970 lengths and 718 remaining of my marathon Swim for Survival for Pancreatic Cancer Action.”

swim session 10