Challenge Updates 7 & 8

Swim for Survival Session 7

17th November

“Disaster tonight, my goggles broke just as I stepped into the pool, all ready for action. I had an hour swim time and a mile was the goal. Whilst I am perfectly capable of swimming without goggles, I am a lot faster with them.

Dilemma, do I grin and bear it and probably do half my intended number of lengths, do I get back out of the pool, dry off and trudge to reception to buy some more and waste half of the swim session, or do I collar a lifeguard and beg him to take pity on me and loan me some from lost property?

Cue the arrival of friendly looking lifeguard who immediately went on a goggle hunt. With the clock ticking, I fiddled around with the goggles, managed to bodge a fix, mimed to the lifeguard all was OK and set off. I have to say the 9-10pm swim lane session at Selby Leisure Centre is a lot quieter than any of the other sessions I’ve been to so far.

There were three lanes, slow, medium and fast and a maximum of 7 people in the pool at any one time. There was no worrying about getting in other people’s way, holding them up or pressuring them by swimming right behind them. Very enjoyable. I ploughed up and down, occasionally battling with leaky goggles, and succeeded in completing 72 lengths in 52 minutes.

That takes my total to 694 and leaves me with less than 1000 lengths to go with my Pancreatic Cancer Action challenge, only 994 in fact! Now for a few days off to give me time to prepare for a certain somebody’s 7th birthday and party, whoop whoop.”


Swim for Survival Session 8

24th November

“After a whole week off to prepare for and then celebrate my son’s 7th birthday I was back into my marathon challenge for Pancreatic Cancer Action. I headed into the night for the 9-10pm lane swim at Selby Leisure Centre.

I wasn’t exactly feeling on top form but I was keen to get back into the swing of things and knock another mile off my total. The pool was delightfully quiet, with only three people swimming.

A father and son were powering up and down the fast lane with their impressive front crawl, and then there was me, plodding along doing breaststroke in the slow lane. Having a lane all to myself was excellent. 52 minutes and 13 seconds later I had completed 76 lengths, taking my total to 770, with 918 remaining. Can I find time to swim again this week and perhaps reach the half way mark?!?!?!”

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