Challenge Updates 5 & 6

Swim for Survival Session 5

13th November

12242252_10153174931376570_871979645_n“8pm on a Friday night usually sees me downing a few glasses of the old vino. Tonight I broke with tradition and headed down to Selby Leisure Centre! I was surprised at how many people were there considering it was the start of the weekend.

Fortunately the swim lanes were wider tonight and easily accommodated all the fitness fanatics. By length 75 I felt myself flagging but told myself that if I made it to 100 I’d have definitely earned my cookies, crisps and booze when I got home.

At 9.20pm I was all alone in the pool. Five minutes later I evacuated too. I’d managed to knock another 111 lengths of my total for Pancreatic Cancer Action. 1198 remaining!”

Swim for Survival Session 6

16th November

“After a tiring and rather stressful day at work, it would have been easy to persuade myself to just stay at home tonight, in the comfort of my own home. But no, there were lengths to swim at Selby Leisure Centre for the amazing Pancreatic Cancer Action.

After cuddles, kisses and a catch up with Sam, my gorgeous little boy, I trundled off for the 8-10pm lane swim. With half the pool closed for swim squad training there were only two swim lanes open, slow and fast. Whilst I have pleasantly surprised myself with my stamina, I am certainly not speedy, so I put myself in the slower lane.

At times it was hard to get going and there were plenty of stops and starts with so many people in the pool. I wear a Swimtag during my sessions which tracks my lengths, amongst other things, but I always try and count the lengths myself. This was a struggle tonight as I was trying to ensure I didn’t get in the way of other people whilst maintaining my own momentum.

By 9pm swim squad training was over and there was a mass exodus from the pool. Great news for me as another swim lane was opened and I ended up with a full lane to myself, heaven. I picked up the pace and by 9.45pm I had reached my goal, two miles in one session.

In fact it was just over the two mile mark as I swam 132 lengths, 3300m and burnt 773 calories. That means I have swam 622 lengths since 1st November and have a mere 1066 to go! You’d think I’d have lost some weight in the process but oh no, swimming makes my already voracious appetite even bigger and I keep putting weight on!”