Challenge update 3 & 4

Swim for Survival Session 3

10th November

“Well today was a tough one. I was up and out of bed at 5.55am. On the road for 6.05am, in the dark, with the stars still shining brightly. In my eagerness, and due to lack of traffic on the roads, I got to Selby Leisure Centre 10 minutes before it even opened! To my surprise there was even a queue to get in. Who knew there were so many dedicated exercise bods around at such an ungodly hour of the day?

By 6.30am I was in the pool. I had 45 minutes of swim time. The goal was 64 lengths – a mile – but I don’t think my brain was fully awake and I lost count. I thought I’d managed 64 in my allotted time but my Swimtag shows that I actually did 60. Gutted. Nevermind, I will swim faster next time. 262 lengths completed so far, 1426 to go before 1st February 2016. All for Pancreatic Cancer Action, and all before a full day at work, followed by Avon deliveries and the making of a chocolate flower bouquet!”


Swim for Survival Session 4

12th November

“Tempting as it was to just slob on the sofa watching TV last night, I donned one of my hideous swim suits (in an attempt to make myself look like a ‘proper’ swimmer) and headed into the night for Selby Leisure Centre. The pool was fairly busy with quite a few swimmers in each of the cordoned off slow, medium and fast lanes.

I braved the medium lane but found it extremely difficult to get into a steady flow as the lane was very narrow. It only seemed big enough for one breaststroke swimmer, not the 3-4 of us that were in there! Fortunately, after 30 minutes or so of struggling to avoid being kicked by each other’s froggy legs and arms, the pool quietened down and I was able to move into the much wider slow lane which I was lucky enough to have to myself.

I lost track of how many lengths I’d done but based on the time I knew roughly that I was near the 100 mark. I’d been in the pool for almost 1.5 hours and was closely resembling a wrinkled prune. It was time to call it a day.

As soon as I got home I checked my Swimtag results and to my pleasant surprise I had managed 117 lengths, 2925m and burnt 713 calories. A very pleasing personal best taking my total lengths to 379. 1309 remaining for my Pancreatic Cancer Action challenge¬† #World Pancreatic Cancer Day I can’t help feeling a tad disappointed that I stopped when I did as I only needed another 11 lengths to reach the 2 mile mark. It gives me something to work towards though!”¬†

session 4