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Our focus is on the early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

In the last 50 years, pancreatic cancer survival rates have barely improved.  Today, just 5% of those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer will survive beyond five years. BUT if patients are diagnosed in time for surgery, chances of survival improves significantly.

With your help we can continue to improve early diagnosis and the quality of survival for pancreatic cancer patients. Find out more about how you can support our Pancreatic Cancer Aware Campaigns.

We pledge to be clear and transparent when it comes to spending your contributions and always aim to the highest standard, continually updating how we work and keeping in line with changes, guidelines and best practice. We don’t receive any government funding – we rely on donations. We appreciate every donation we receive, large or small!

Donate to specifically into early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

How your donations help Pancreatic Cancer Action