Spread the word on social media on 16th November 2017

World Pancreatic Cancer Day is a great opportunity to use social media to help educate your family, friends and colleagues about pancreatic cancer.

Use hashtags #WPCD or #worldpancreaticcancerday.

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  1. Share our symptoms animation and song on social media.

You can share it directly on Facebook or from YouTube.

Some messages to share with the video:

  1.  Share our Pancreatic Cancer Aware quiz

Our Pancreatic Cancer Aware quiz can help people learning more about the facts, risks and symptoms of pancreatic cancer.

Why not take the test yourself and share your results with the quiz, and ask your friends and followers to do the same.

3.  Share official World Pancreatic Cancer Day posts 

The World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition has created a number of posts that you can share directly on to Facebook and Twitter on World Pancreatic Cancer Day.