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Earlier this year we surveyed 1,000 people across Wales to assess the public awareness of the pancreas, pancreatic cancer and symptoms, identify perceived barriers to early diagnosis and engagement with cancer awareness materials and campaigns. There is a chronic lack of awareness around pancreatic cancer symptoms. 63.9% of survey respondents said that indigestion is not a pancreatic cancer symptom. 59.1% said that upper abdominal pain and back pain is not a symptom and 53% didn’t think that a change in bowel habits is a symptom. All three are key symptoms of pancreatic cancer. The prognosis if you receive a pancreatic cancer diagnosis in Wales is harrowing. In some parts of Wales, the 1-year survival rate ranges from a low of 19.2% in Powys, to a high of just 26.1% in Betsi Cadwaladr. The 5-year statistics are equally as bleak - ranging from a low of 3%, again in Powys, to a high of 13.1% in Hywel Dda. Early diagnosis is currently the only hope of patient survival. When the cancer is diagnosed early, the pancreas can be removed which, at present, is the only cure for the disease.

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