Nicky McManus

Scottish Development & Policy Executive

Your role and responsibilities:

I, along with our Health Policy and projects manager research and map out of the health and political landscape in Scotland and understand the role the organisation can play in developing policy in Scotland and across the UK. I am also a point of contact for information about policy and public affairs issues in Scotland and provide information and advice regarding advancing the organisation’s presence and policy aims, which includes political engagement with elected representatives in Parliament and identify the best ways of raising the profile of Pancreatic Cancer Action.

Describe yourself in 5 words:

Talkative, caring, proactive, determined, diligent

Why did you pick to work at PCA?

My mum died from Pancreatic cancer nearly 10 years ago and I have seen first-hand the devastating effects this can have on family and friends.

The decade of change is pivotal in the fight against pancreatic cancer, with the need to improve survival rates for the world’s toughest cancer more important now than ever. Working for PCA means that I can be part of a team who are proactive and is taking action to raise awareness and highlight the symptoms of pancreatic cancer and decrease the barriers to presentation.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I tend to be a home bird and like to decorate and organise a lot! I also like to watch football (either on tv or in person) and if I have time after all that I will spend it with my cats and kids!

Contact Nicky on [email protected] or call 0303 040 1770