Writer, broadcaster & journalist, Candida Lycett Green, has died from pancreatic cancer

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Candida Lycett Green in 2002.
Picture The Guardian

Today, Pancreatic Cancer Action has heard the sad news that writer, broadcaster and journalist and campaigner, Candida Lycett Green has died from pancreatic cancer age 71.

Candida, the daughter of poet, broadcaster and architect critic, Sir John Betjeman, having recovered from breast cancer in 1999, was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer on Christmas Eve last year.

Candida,  being frustrated at how little research funding pancreatic cancer receives in comparison to other cancers, labelled the disease “the Sheffield Wednesday” of tumours.

In July, Candida’s daughter Imogen and her grandson Ivo undertook a 250km cycle ride from Dunkirk to Brussels via Ypres to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer Action and so far have raised nearly £20,000. Their JustGiving page can be found here.

Ali Stunt, Founder & Chief Executive of Pancreatic Cancer Action said, “I was fortunate to have spoken to Candida and her husband Rupert on a couple of occasions and today’s news is very sad indeed. All of us here at Pancreatic Cancer Action offer our condolences to all Candida’s family and friends at this difficult time.”

The Guardian’s obituary gives a good insight into the life of Candida Lycett Green and can be found here

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  1. I was very sorry to see the news of her sad death last week. Her family were kind to my brothers and friends from the local council estate when we formed a rock band whilst at school. They gave us permission to practice regularly in a barn on their Mead estate, Wantage. As a result we were invited to play at Rupert and Candida’s wedding reception at Simon Hornby’s Pusey House in Wiltshire. It was one of the most joyful events in our lives and I still have the very warm “thank you” letter from Sir John to remind us of a very happy occasion.

    Pancreatic cancer is a terrible disease. Early diagnosis is very difficult. Part of my work is in new colorectal cancer diagnosis and treatment options. It might be possible to adapt some of our research approaches to tackling the early diagnosis problem. I will look into it.

    Please pass on our sincerest condolences to Mr Lycett Green and their family at this sad time

    Terry Wilkins
    Lead Guitarist “The Key 5” in 1963

    (Prof Nanomanufacturing, Leeds U, 2014

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