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People of PanCan

Whether you’re a patient, a family member or a friend; pancreatic cancer can be a difficult word to hear and can affect lots of people in different ways.

People of PanCan is a way to tell your story that will help raise awareness of pancreatic cancer and let others, who might be going through something similar, know that they are not alone.

We want to show the world that pancreatic cancer can affect anyone.

There is a common misconception that pancreatic cancer only affects older men and that no one survives. However, we know that the disease affects men and women equally, can affect any adult and – although the survival rate is extremely low – with early diagnosis survival is possible.

We often hear that people have never heard of pancreatic cancer before their own diagnosis, or a diagnosis of a family member. By showing the real people behind the disease, we can help to raise awareness within the wider community. We hope to give people who do not have a relation to the disease, an understanding of the effect it can have on different people.

How can you take part?

By sharing a photo of yourself with a short biography of your experience with pancreatic cancer and the hashtag #PeopleOfPanCan, you can help us to raise the profile of the disease. Together, let’s show the world that there are more people affected than the statistics show.

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Ceridwen was diagnosed at 34 years old, here is her story…

**Ultimately, the end result of the campaign during November will be a Facebook and Twitter cover that shows just how large the pancreatic cancer community is and will hopefully give people, who do not have a relation to the disease, an idea of just how serious it is.