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We are PCA!

During August we’ll be showing our supporters, friends and partnerships a glimpse into the world of Team PCA, through our Q&A: #WeArePCA

Have you ever wondered what we do here at PCA each day? You might want to know why we specifically focus on early diagnosis, or where we promote awareness of the symptoms of pancreatic cancer OR what work we’re doing with medical professionals? Maybe you’d just like to know our favourite colour?! (psst.. it’s purple!)

We want to answer your questions about what we do here at PCA, for example:

“How do you educate healthcare professionals?”

“What work are you doing in communities?”

“Who started the charity?”

Keep an eye out across our social media over the next few weeks to see us answer questions from our followers and supporters. You can find us on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram or search the hashtag #WeArePCA to follow our Q&A online.

Have a question for our Q&A?

Send us a direct message on social media, a voice message on WhatsApp (07450709756) or an email to and we’ll answer your questions on film!*

Pancreatic Cancer Action

*Voice messages may be used on our social media for the purposes of the Q&A, please provide your name and location with your message. Not all questions can be answered due to high volume. Your number will not be stored, used for marketing, or shared with a third party when sending through WhatsApp.