Tough team of 20 locals take on Tough Mudder 2017

Fredi Severinsen from Thornbury, is taking on the Tough Mudder challenge on the 20th August along with her incredible team of 19 others. They will be completing the challenging obstacle course to raise money for a charity close to their hearts – Pancreatic Cancer Action – in memory of Fredi’s dad, Rob, who sadly passed away from the disease.

Rob was a farmer who was well known and liked in the community, with his funeral being the 2nd largest the Robfuneral directors had ever seen.

pancreatic cancer patient

Rob started to feel slight discomfort in the upper right side of his back when he was on holiday in November 2014 for which he was taking painkillers daily. Rob’s pain, which felt much more than just typical back pain, got worse, even to the point where he couldn’t sleep.

Rob was in agony but blood tests and an ultrasound on his kidneys showed nothing.

After 7 weeks of chasing, Rob had an emergency CT scan in April 2015 which is when he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Rob was put onto an Abraxane trial to try and help treat the pancreatic cancer.

Fredi says “After making it through my wedding in September 2015, Dad was later admitted to hospital with fluid on his lungs and taken off the trial.

“After a couple of months break he tried Folfirinox, this made him so ill. By Christmas 2015 it had spread to his bones and we knew it wouldn’t be long. Eventually my fit and strong dad could no longer walk and my mum became his full-time carer.

“Then 10th March 2016 dad passed away at home aged 56. We were all around him and we were grateful he wasn’t in hospital”

tough mudder for pancreatic cancer
Fredi and her team at Tough Mudder 2016

“Since dad was diagnosed we have heard more cases of pancreatic cancer in our local area, including the dad of one of our Tough Mudder team. He thankfully found it early enough for surgery and is now recovering well and we very much think he was able to detect it quick because of dad’s cancer being talked about.”

“I feel like GP’s and people in their 50’s should be very aware of the symptoms, catching it early is the key to survival.”

Fredi and her family are regular fundraisers for the charity and they have raised an amazing £5,500 so far completing Race for Life, Tough Mudder 2016, Survival of the Fittest and the Great South Run.

Pancreatic cancer is the UK’s 5th biggest cancer killer. The survival rate is just 5% which is the lowest of any cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer Action is committed to working towards earlier diagnosis of the disease so that surgery, currently the only cure, is made available to the sufferer.  The charity fund research into early diagnosis, provide medical education programmes, and launch awareness campaigns.

Ali Stunt, Founder of Pancreatic Cancer Action, said: “We are delighted that Fredi and her team are giving their time to support Pancreatic Cancer Action in this amazing challenge. We are very sorry to hear of Rob’s passing but it is so lovely that the family are so dedicated to raising awareness of the disease.”

“We rely solely on donations from the public and thanks to people like Fredi and her team that we can continue our vital work. Please back the team in in their fundraising efforts so that we can continue research into early diagnosis and raise awareness of pancreatic cancer.”

To register to take part in Tough Mudder please follow this link – Tough Mudder Sign Up! 

pancreatic cancer supporter
Fredi (Bride) with her dad and family