Top Tips for staying on track this DryJan 4 PanCan

January is in full swing and so is your alcohol-free journey!

We hope it hasn’t been too hard and you have managed to stay on track. Don’t worry if you are struggling though as we have some top tips for you on how to stay dry for the rest of the month.

Distract yourself!

If you are starting to find it tricky to stay on track this month, then it could be because you are thinking about not drinking too much.

The best way to stay on the right path distract yourself by go for a walk, reading a book or watch your favourite TV program or hanging out with friends. Alternatively you could…

Take up a new hobby and get healthy!

According to research by Blackmores (an natural health company) it takes 21 days to break a habit so if you stick to consuming no alcohol this month, it could really benefit you in the long run.

You are likely to have more energy after giving up alcohol so what better time to get started on a new exercise regime? When you exercise your body increases its serotonin production which is a natural chemical in your body – the more it is produced the better you feel!

You could take up a new hobby like a gym class, yoga, karate, or reading, knitting, or even cooking.

Think of the benefits

If you losing will power then just think about the amazing health benefits that you will get out of 31 days alcohol free. Not only will you sleep better, you are more likely to lose weight and you will save money!

What better reasons do you need?

Substitute drinking for something else!

If you are really struggling to not have an evening drink out of habit then not substitute it with something else. You could make yourself a healthy snack like veggie sticks and dips, fruit and yogurt or rice cakes and peanut butter. (If none of these will quite cut it then there is always crisps, sweets and chocolate for special occassions!)

There are lots of non-alcoholic substitutes available to buy in supermarkets included 0% alcohol beer, wine and prosecco! You could also try a new soft drink or treat yourself with a hot chocolate or latte! This site provides great mocktail recipes

Buy your one-night free ticket

If you are really finding it hard or have a big social event coming up then you can buy a Purple Ticket from us! Simply donate £10 to Pancreatic Cancer Action and you get a night off!

You can download your ticket here

We hope these tips help you with the rest of the month but if you need any other motivation or support then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0303 040 1770 or email fundraising@panact.org.