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Summer Fundraising Ideas 2018

We might have already had our longest day of the year but summer is definitely in full swing.The days are long with blue skies, there’s a barbecue sizzle in the air and, if you’re anything like me, the antihistamines are well and truly flowing!

There’s no doubt that summer is one of the best times of the year, with holidays, days out and even lounging around the garden. Summer really does just have that feel good factor, so why not times that by 10 by raising vital funds and awareness of pancreatic cancer?

Here are my top 5 fundraising ideas for this year’s scorcher of a summer:

Somebody pack the sandwiches, we’re going on a picnic!

Getting your family and friends together for a picnic is super easy and can be done almost anywhere! Simply ask your each of your invites to bring something different to your pic’n’mix picnic along with a small donation. You could even arrange a few quick easy games such as: tag, hide and seek or charades. Click here to order your free PCA collection tin.

PCA fundraising idea: a picnic

Something’s sizzling on the BBQ

BBQ’s are the heart and soul of British summer time and they never get old. Much like a picnic, you could ask each of your friends to bring something different to put on the barbecue and ask for an entry donation. You could also make up a batch off different cocktails and host your own bar! Click here to check out our online shop for bits and pieces you can decorate with.

A PCA fundraising idea: a BBQ

Ready, set… sports day

We’re all nostalgic of our school days at least once in our lives and sports day is no exception. A little bit of competition never hurt anyone so why not encourage people to make teams of four and charge them a small entry fee to take part in your sports day. Each participant could bring a small prize to add to the prize bundle, which the winning team would win at the end. Click here to order some awareness materials to add to your prize bundle!

Some events you could include: A rounders tournament, a sprint, an obstacle race, throw the welly, and a relay!

A PCA fundraising idea: sports day

Swim For Survival

Make a splash with the kids this summer by getting sponsored for each length you complete! There’s no need for an official adjudicator, just keep a tally of how many lengths you complete during each session. Click here to sign up to Swim For Survival and receive your free pack.

A PCA fundraising idea: Swim For Survival

Splish, splash, splosh at the car wash

Grab your bucket, grab your sponge and knock on your neighbours doors! Chances are, they’ve been putting off taking their car to the car wash, so why not seize an opportunity? You could enlist a few friends to help you out and make a day of it. Simply charge a standard fee for each car wash that you do and make sure you let each of your customers know that you are doing your car wash for charity. Click here to order a PCA t-shirt that you can car wash in!

A PCA fundraising idea: Car Wash

If you need help getting started with any of your fundraising activities, simply email