Six Secrets for a Successful Bake Sale

  1. Location, Location, Location

The first thing to do is decide where you are going to hold your bake sale. There are many places that you could hold your bake sale including your school, work, home, group you are a member of, local leisure centre or even at a local supermarket.

If it’s not taking place at your home, you do need to make sure you get permission from the owner  or organization  and think about an estimate of how many people will attend.

2. Set the date

The great thing about a bake sale is that you can hold it any time of the year! You may want to use an occasion for your bake sale such a Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas or you can even make up your own theme!   A purple-themed bake sale always attracts attention and is good for raising awareness of pancreatic cancer.   

Be creative and make it as fun as you like!

3. Essentials

It is important to make a list of all of the essential items you will need when you are holding your bake sale or coffee morning to make is as successful as possible. Things to consider are table cloths, paper plates, napkins,  price tags, a float for change and any branded PCA items such a balloons, t-shirts, flags, bunting and leaflets.

4. The Bake

It is a good idea to have a wide variety of cakes and treats so that people will be tempted by all of your delicious goodies! The more people that you can get to help you bake the better but it is important to consider the cost so that you can charge your cakes accordingly. For some baking inspiration take a look at  https://www.bakingmad.com

5. Don’t forget the extras

You don’t have to just be restricted to cakes at your event, you could offer a wide range of homemade items including lemonade, teas and coffees. You could even have some savory treats or introduce a competition for the best bake or guess the weight of the cake.

6. Spread the word

Now that you have your event planned don’t forget to get the word out there about your cake sale! You could send out invitations, make a Facebook event asking everyone to bring a guest and make posters to put up in your local area.

You can download our template poster and press release here.  You can always contact Issy in the PCA marketing team if you need any help on issy@panact.org