Remarkable updated pancreatic cancer experience – Karin age 31

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Karin diagnosed with pancreatic cancer age 30

Karin has updated her pancreatic cancer patient story to share with you. It is a wonderful, positive and uplifting story for all of us to read this festive season.

Karin was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the young age of 30 less than two weeks after the birth of her new baby son. Having experienced a roller-coaster of emotions with differing opinions from two medical teams, Karin was finally able to have the Whipple’s operation at the beginning of December.

Read her remarkable and moving story in our pancreatic cancer patient stories section.

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  1. Dear Karin

    Thanks for sharing your story, I wish you all the best in your recovery. It is truly inspirational!

    My dad has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on this Christmas Eve. He quit smoking earlier on this year and he got sort of depressed, in that, somehow his mood changed. Doctors said that it was due to nicotine withdrawal symptoms. He then started experiencing insomnia but again doctors said it had to do with nicotine and gave him sleeping pills which did not work. He started sweating during the night as well and he starting loosing appetite but again, everyone thought it was because he quite smoking.

    In early November however he came back from work with severe abdominal pain. We went to hospital and after the necessary x rays were done, he was told that it was trapped air and nothing serious.

    on the 20th November his leg got swollen. At the hospital he was told that he had skin infection and given antibiotics. The swollen got worse by the weekend and we went to hospital again where they realised it was a trombosis. They did an ultra sound of his abdomen and they realised that there were liesions in the liver. Then they took a C T Scan and identified that there was a mass, which they thought it was in the colon. An endoscopy was done and biopsy was done of a pulip. However, this resulted in nothing. They took a further C T Scan in December and they realised that the mass was in the pancreas and the liver now had a lot of metastasses. In the meantime he suffered from more trombosis. He has blood cloths in the lungs as well so the doze of clexane was increased considerably.

    Doctors told us that it is too late. He cannot be operated due to the amount of clixane he is taking. They can’t stop this. They can’t even take a biopsy of the liver. We were also told that no chemo therapy can be given at this stage and he only has weeks left.

    As you can imagine we are very desperate as we see him get weaker and weaker daily and we cannot do anything. We would like to get a second opinion but from where? He is taking a lot of drugs and yesterday they have increased his morphine in take. He lost loads of weight but he is still eating. Tomorrow we are going to speak to a nutritionist.

    Can you suggest what we can do at this stage? Most probably it is too late but if we can get a second opinion or maybe try something which can help…any information would be great.

    Wishing you all the best and may god be with you



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