Pyjamas for PanCan: Fundraising ideas

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Do you want to take part in Pancreatic Cancer Action’s Pyjamas for PanCan campaign but unsure how to get involved and what you can do?

Well, look no further as we’ve put together a host of ideas and games in our guide to help get your fundraising underway which means you can have more fun and raise more funds!

What is Pyjamas for PanCan?

Pyjamas for PanCan was Pancreatic Cancer Action’s brand-new fundraising initiative for 2018 and now it’s back for the second year in a row!

We are asking our supporters up and down the country to put on their PJ’s and say goodnight to pancreatic cancer; the cancer that has been kept in the dark for too long!

Whether that means holding an event at home, school, work or a local community group – the choice is yours!

Why should I take part?

Pancreatic cancer research is in need of vital funds as it has been underfunded for decades. Despite it being the UK’s 5th biggest cancer killer, pancreatic cancer receives less than 3% of cancer research funding. In 2013 investment in pancreatic cancer research amounted to only £5.4 million.

Pancreatic cancer survival is low because the majority of patients are diagnosed when their cancer is at a late stage when surgery to remove the tumour is no longer an option – this is why early diagnosis is key.

How can I get involved?

Plan where you are going to hold your Pyjama Day – will it be at home? At school? In your office? Why not set a theme – onesies only, spots and tartan or purple pyjamas only?!

This year, we’ve broken down our fundraising packs into schools, work or for at home. You can sign up here and by selecting which pack you would like, we’ll get it sent in the post to you.

If you run out of pack materials then fear not, you can download more from our website here!

How can I get my school involved?

An image of a Pillow and Sleeping mask with the quote "Say Goodnight to Pancreatic Cancer"

Get the teachers and pupils involved in Pyjamas for PanCan by wearing their best jammies and slippers! You can also hold competitions for the best dressed teacher and pupil and best Pyjamas design using our template.

Other ideas:

How can I get involved at home?

Have a pyjama dinner party for friends or family and award the best dressed guest! Have fun with quizzes and the games that are included in the fundraising pack – this could be an ideal time to play blindfolded makeovers using our eye masks!

Other ideas: