People of PanCan: How to take part

People of PanCan is our Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month campaign. It aims to raise the profile of pancreatic cancer by sharing the true stories of people affected by the disease. By showing the world that there are real people out there who in some way have had their lives changed, we want to personify the disease and put a human face to the story.

Step 1. Getting started

We need 2 things from you in order to successfully share your story as part of our campaign.

1. Photograph OR Video

  • We need one close up, portrait photo OR video of you that reflects the emotion conveyed in your short story.

Here are some example images
People of PanCan example images2. Your experience 

(If submitting a photo)
We need you to share your experience of pancreatic cancer in preferably no more than 150 words.

If you can, try to talk about:

  • Your relation to the disease
  • Your experience with health care professionals/ support systems
  • How you are currently feeling.

Here is an example of a written experience (132 words)

“I started working at Pancreatic Cancer Action in February 2018 but before then, I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t know much about the pancreas. As each week went by, I found myself becoming closer to our amazing supporters, hearing their stories and experiences with the disease as well as providing emotional support to those currently dealing with this unwelcome intruder in their lives. Part of my role is to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms across our public facing materials and this includes understanding the facts and statistics surrounding the disease. I now feel like a well armoured soldier, ready to battle this monster by raising awareness of the signs and symptoms and ultimately saving lives by improving early diagnosis”. 

Of course, if you need to write more, then that is absolutely fine.

Step 2. Spreading the word

Simply send your photo and words/ video to turnitpurple@panact.org or upload your entry to social media using #PeopleOfPanCan.

Try to encourage your social media followers to like and share your experience. This will help to raise much needed awareness of pancreatic cancer, especially during Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. It could also provide support to someone who might be going through a similar situation to you and let them know that they are not alone in their journey.

If you have any questions on how to get started please do get in contact with us by emailing turnitpurple@panact.org or calling 0303 0401 770 ext 3.

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