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PCA Join Call for Government to Improve Cancer Survival & Care

If you were reading the Daily Mail over the weekend, you may have seen a familiar logo. Pancreatic Cancer Action joined the One Cancer Voice group of cancer charities to deliver an urgent call for the Comprehensive Spending Review to deliver government commitments to improve cancer survival & care.

one cancer voice

Pancreatic Cancer Action was one of 51 charities part of the One Cancer Voice letter. The letter, which was published in Saturday’s edition of the Daily Mail (9th October, 2021), and was addressed to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, and the Health Secretary, Sajid Javid. It called upon the government to urgently respond to the mounting challenges on cancer services in the upcoming government Spending Review, which sets out the long-term plans for the budget.

The four main actions within the letter that the groups called upon to take at the Comprehensive Spending Review included:

  1. Address gaps in the cancer workforce and kit to improve diagnosis, treatment and care.
  2. Levelling up on cancer
  3. Strengthen oncology R&D- invest in an area where we can be a science superpower
  4. A renewed focus on cancer care

The full letter, which was signed by Pancreatic Cancer Action CEO & Founder, Ali Stunt, can be viewed here.

If like us, you believe the government should be doing more for our cancer services, then click here to sign the petition to push the government into urgent investment in the NHS cancer workforce.