Pancreatic cancer e-petition reaches it’s target – so what’s next?

e-petition thank youThe petition calling for more funding and awareness for pancreatic cancer ended this morning with over 105,000 signatures.  Thank you to everyone who signed, shared and pushed the petition.

Despite attracting only 20,000 signatures in the first six months, so many people have worked hard to push for signatures and, in the last week alone, we have seen over 30,000 people signing.  This is an amazing achievement.

Everyone has worked so hard to get to this stage so it is important we do everything we can to make the parliamentary debate happen.

Sadly 100,000 signatures doesn’t automatically mean that it will be debated in Parliament.

We need MPs to come forward and recommend the Backbench Business Committee holds a debate so that hopefully the issues surrounding pancreatic cancer: survival rates not improved in over 40 years and pitiful levels of cancer research funding relative to the disease burden,  will get discussed formally in the House of Commons. The process by which this happens is explained in the Backbench-Business-Committee-and-e-Petitions flowchart (click the link to download).

So, again, we are asking for your help!

Can we please ask that you write a letter to your MP as soon as possible asking them to help us ensure the debate happens. We have created a template letter for you to adapt and use if you wish,  which can be downloaded here: MP-template-letter Petition

If you are unsure who to write to, find your MP here.

It’s important that we get as many MPs as possible to support this.

Thank you for your help!