The pancreatic cancer debate: 8th September 2014

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Along with Maggie Watts and countless supporters who pushed the petition to provide more funding awareness of pancreatic cancer, we successfully secured a debate in Westminster on 8th September. Everyone who has been involved in the process should be proud of what we achieved through this petition.

Thank you to everyone who has written to their MP requesting them to attend the debate. Hopefully, many of them will attend to share their constituents’ stories and drive the need for more funding and a nationwide awareness campaign.

There is still time to contact your MP. We need as many as possible to attend to ensure that we get the most of the debate. Here is how you can contact them including a template letter that you can use if you wish: https://pancreaticcanceraction.org/community/blog/mp-attend-debate-8th-september/

Please remember if you would like to attend the debate to e-mail us at enquiries@panact.org

Here is important information about the day itself.

When is the debate taking place on 8th September?

The debate is scheduled to be held in the Westminster Hall debating chamber between 4.30pm and 7.30pm. Please be aware that depending upon whether there are votes in the main chamber, that might be extended until 8pm or so.

Can everyone attend the debate?

The public gallery in Westminster Hall only seats 25 people and as such it cannot be guaranteed that everyone who wants to will be able to get in to the debate itself. This is because it is a public/open debate and any members of the public will be allowed access by the Commons’ security staff. Should the gallery reach capacity, for those who cannot see the debate live we have arranged for a Committee room to be booked elsewhere in the Commons as an “overspill room” which will have a live feed showing the debate from the parliament website.

Can I watch the debate from home?

Yes. There will be a live stream of the debate that you can watch. You can access this here: http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Main/Home.aspx).

How do I find Westminster Hall?

Entry to the Commons is via the main visitor’s entrance at Cromwell Green. (Marked entrance 7 on this maphttp://www.parliament.uk/documents/facilities/maps/colmap1.pdf). There will be airport-style security scanners so please allow time to make your way through. Depending on queues it can take up to 30 minutes.

Will there be an opportunity to meet before and/or after the debate?

Yes. Please contact us on enquiries@panact.org or call 0303 040 1770 for more information.